EVE Online Fanfest 2012 Details Announced

EVE Online is renowned for many things, such as having the biggest online game world and the most complex learning curve to a game, ever. With a game that constantly tests you around every bend, it’s no doubt that developer CCP’s fans are just as hardcore and dedicated as the game they play. With such a passionate group of fans there is really only one thing you can do, throw a convention. This is exactly what CCP does with Fanfest, they invite thousands of players every year to travel to Iceland and party harder than any gamer has ever partied before.

Next year from March 22-24, EVE fans will gather in Reykjavík, Iceland for EVE Fanfest 2012. At the newly built Harpa Conference Centre. Early bird tickets are now on sale and those willing to make the trek have one hell of a trip ahead of them. From PvP tournaments to getting drunk with your favourite developer, there is plenty in store at the next EVE Fanfest. It goes beyond this though, those attending will also have the chance to play an early version of DUST 514, the upcoming tie-in  First Person Shooter. Also, all those in attendance will receive a beta key for DUST 514, epic! For a full listing of events please check below.

  • Exclusive EVE Presentations
  • Live PVP Tournament action
  • Player/Developer roundtable discussions
  • the latest in DUST 514 presentations and information
  • the Reykjavik nightlife experience with devs in the CCP Pub Crawls
  • The famous Party at the Top of the World
  • Blue Lagoon Hangover Party
  • Live Agents, the Silent Auction, and much, much more!

MMO Games EVE Fanfest Photo

Book a ticket to go to a local pub or night club with your favourite Dev, have hangover drinks the next day with them or discuss your thoughts on the game at a roundtable. Players can get in close with the Devs, give their ideas for the future of the game and participate in a level of interaction most gamers never have with developers. If you are looking to save some cash, you can even buy your ticket with PLEX, meaning you could secure a ticket just for playing EVE Online! The price for admission is currently $100 per ticket or 6 PLEX, which equates to roughly 2.8 Billion ISK. 

Purchase your EVE Fanfest 2012 ticket by clicking here!

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