EVE Online Guardian’s Gala Event Detailed

While the EVE Online Guardian’s Gala sounds like a particularly fancy affair, it’s anything but; the event is actually a meeting of pirates and drug smugglers, and it’s up to interested players to break up the Gala.

The Guardian’s Gala is explained as a celebration between the Angel Cartel and the Serpentis pirate factions where members of both organizations toast the present and discuss the future. In an effort to stem the growing tide of criminal activity the Gala represents, CONCORD is now enlisting Capsuleers to disrupt this year’s meeting.

Players who want to help need to locate Guardian’s Gala Rendezvous Points located all around New Eden. The Rendezvous Points will be everywhere in-game from high-sec to deep space. Rewards for interfering include a unique Spirit SKIN and performance-boosting narcotics.

The Guardian’s Gala runs from February 14th through February 28th. Information can be read here.

Our Thoughts

The Guardian’s Gala event seems like an easy enough piece of PvE content for interested Capsuleers, but we’re curious how other players could try to perhaps exploit this new event to their advantage, if that’s even possible. Regardless of how the Guardian’s Gala plays out, we definitely like the new SKIN on display.

Your Thoughts

Will you be taking part in the EVE Online Guardian’s Gala, or do you have other projects and goals you’re working on in-game? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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