EVE Online Industrial Ship Rebalancing Announced

EVE Online is a scifi sandbox MMO by CCP Games that recently launched its free expansion pack, Odyssey. The latest expansion brought new ways to explore the universe, but also rebalanced many battleships. In a recent dev blog, CCP Rise discussed how industrial ships are next on the list with a major makeover under way changing how the ships are used.

Industrial ships will be completely overhauled, specializing them to specific roles rather than tiers. Each industrial ship will also receive a special bonus that makes it unique to the others, for example having faster travel time or new slots for missile launchers.

A few of the ships will also be renamed with the makeover, which is planned to go live with the Odyssey 1.1 patch this summer. To find out more about the changes to industrial ships in EVE Online read the full announcement, for more about EVE visit the game page.

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