EVE Online: Inferno Expansion Pack Now Live

EVE Online is a subscription-based, sci-fi sandbox MMORPG by CCP Games. Today, the developer is happy to announce the release of the 17th free expansion for the top sci-fi MMORPG, Inferno. Bringing a large host of changes, improvements and overall epic goodness, the gears of war (no pun intended) are turning once more. Throw in a graphical update, a new player experience and more control for veterans and you have one hell of an expansion.

MMO Games EVE Online Inferno Screenshot

Some features for this expansion include:
Be sure to log in and check out the new graphics and changes made to the game, because players are definitely in for a surprise. Some of the new ship designs look absolutely gorgeous and are sure to please fans of internet spaceships. With so much content included within this new expansion, be sure to check out our extensive coverage over the following weeks of this latest expansion.

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