EVE Online: The Freedom Alliance Of EVE PvP Event

EVE Online is a game that offers many paths for a wide variety of play styles. The Freedom Alliance of EVE is an alliance within the Sci-Fi MMO that knows this very well. Providing pilots with a place where they can ask questions freely, new players cut a lot of the levelling curve out just by talking to the members. The Alliance is more than happy to take new players along on more dangerous activities in order to give them a taste of what is to come, because the only way to ever really learn is to do it yourself.

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One of the ways that TFAOE helps get their players engaged, learning and having fun is through event days they hold regularly. These days generally take place on a sunday and consist of things such as PvP competitions (1v1 or Fleet), races, quizzes and as you can see in the video above, probably the closest thing to a sport in EVE. I was lucky enough to be online and apart of the latest event day where the Alliance gave away over 1.5 Billion ISK in prizes. The video above is from my perspective of our Retriever PvP comp, a very simple competition. 

Two fleets went head-to-head in teams of six, one member of each team was required to fly a retriever. The goal of the match was to kill the enemy retriever and loot a cargo container on their side of the playing area. Players could fly any ship that is Cruiser class or below but could only fit Tech 1 / Meta 3 fittings to their ship. Our team didn’t win but it was a close match and everyone had a lot of fun, for me it was the highlight of the day. These kind of competitions happen regularly in this Alliance and are one of the reasons why EVE is an amazing game for those who manage to find a good corporation.

I believe events like this are one of the many hidden gems as to why this game is a must play and that’s why I wanted to share it with you today. If you have never played EVE before, I highly recommend it. While a lot of people may talk about how hard it is and that you can’t trust anyone in-game, you won’t find a more dedicated and hardcore community than this. Besides, the whole point of EVE is the freedom of choice to be good or evil, you’re not a sook are you? If you are wondering at this point if you can join the Alliance mentioned above, you can. Search for the corporation Interstellar Fleet in-game and apply!

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