EverQuest II Starting Prison Server Experiment

A rather unique and intriguing concept is coming to EverQuest II in the form of a prison server. One of the developers of the game, who goes by the name of Windstalker, notified the community on the forums yesterday about this upcoming change.


The server will be called “Drunder” and it will be the first ever “prison server”. You might be wondering what that means exactly (I was wondering the same thing). Players who are caught breaking the rules and disrupting the EverQuest II live server gameplay will be flagged for the server, and no others – ever. Characters on these rule-breaking accounts will be transfered to Drunder, and can never leave or transfer to another server.

The prison server has been requested by the Customer Survice Game Masters over the years in order to manage the disruptive players in the game. These game masters will determine who goes in the prison server and who doesn’t. Drunder will get no customer service support and it will require a maintained membership to access and play. You don’t have to disrupt the live servers in an attempt to join the prison server however, you can just use the game’s /petition system to join Drunder. You can’t move individual characters while maintaining characters on another server though, this will be a one-way trip for an entire account forever. No turning back once you’ve decided you want to check out Drunder.

Everquest II -2

As mentioned in the title, it’s an experiment. The developers will see what happens, but it certainly is a new take on getting rid of misbehaving players. What do you think about the concept of a prison server? Let us know in the comments below! We’ll be keeping you up to date on any further developments regarding this “prison server”.

Source: Daybreak Forums 

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