EverQuest Releases Ring of Scale Expansion

24th time’s the charm! The latest expansion for EverQuest, and the game’s 24th over its long history, is now available. The Ring of Scale expansion release introduces a new level cap, new zones, and plenty of new raid content along with some other features.

ring of scale release

Ring of Scale’s story wraps up the narrative that was first kicked off in Empires of Kunark, with players heading into the depths of Veeshan’s Peak. EQ’s level cap rises to 110 with the expansion and six new zones are added to the Kunark region.

The expansion also adds nine new raids, new spells, combat abilities, and AAs, and new missions and quests including what has been described in the announcement as a “challenging” tradeskill quest line.

Ring of Scale is available for purchase at a cost of $34.99 for the Standard edition, $89.99 for the Collector’s edition, and $139.99 for the Premium edition. The expansion will be 10% off for those who are members of Daybreak All Access. More details on what each edition offers can be found here, and a trailer for the ex-pack can be found below.

Our Thoughts

Let’s just take a moment to marvel at the number of expansions were released for EverQuest. …now that we’ve done that, we’re going to take a moment to hope that EverQuest players find a lot of new enjoyment in the Ring of Scale expansion!

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