F2P MMO Cabal Online releases Illusion Castle expansion

CABAL Online releases Illusion Castle expansion

Games-masters.com, publishers of the European version of CABAL Online, has today announced the release of the latest free expansion – Illusion Castle – for the free-to-play MMO. Making significant improvements to the game, the update introduces a whole range of new features, changes and bug fixes, including:
New timed-solo dungeon —œ available in easy, medium and hard mode  
New raiding dungeon  
New belt accessory slot 
New weapons 
Changes to the party system 
Revamped user interface 
The two new dungeons are some of the most visually stunning to-date, providing strategically challenging encounters that are sure to test the heroes of Nevareth. It includes Crazy Steamer, a timed-solo dungeon available in three different difficulty levels, which will push even the most experienced player outside of their comfort level. 
Illusion Castle is the latest end-game raiding dungeon for players to explore, full of evil foes, unexpected events and hidden quests. For those who manage to make it to the end of the dungeon alive fame and fortune await, with new weapons and belts among the treasures up for grabs.
The new interface provides a fresh new feel to the game, with the slimmed down and simplified style improving functionality. The amount of quick-slots for skills has also been doubled, with up to 24 skills now immediately available.
CABAL Online Illusion Castle is available for free download. More information, including the download, full patch notes, screenshots and trailers, can be found HERE

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