Fallen Earth Goes Free-To-Play

Like many popular games do, Fallen Earth will undergo and complete the process of becoming a free-to-play MMO. As of October 12th, everyone can login and experience Fallen Earth for free. Accompanying this chance comes a brand new World Event system, enhancing the already rich game to feature dynamic events that can take place anywhere in the world. Like all GamersFirst games, there is no level or content limit 

Veteran players with already activated subscriptions will be isntantly given Commander Premium Subscription, and will qualify Fallen Earth Veteran reward packages, including more wardrobe slots, monthly gifts, as well as a permanent discount on the Premium subcscription cost.

“It always a gamble when a company takes an existing MMO from subscription to Free2Play, but the Fallen Earth community and its veteran players have been overwhelmingly supportive,” said Joseph Willmon, associate game director for GamersFirst. “We wanted to find a way to extend a thank you to subscribers for their continued support and feedback.”

World Events

With an expanding world comes more events. New dynamically generated world events, in the form of quests, will randomly be available to players who think they’re up to the task. Experience and special loot are your rewards. You might need to craft medical supplies for a town or fend off an assault from the mutated beasts of the area.  

Premium Subscriptions Detailed

Rewards for players who purchase one-of-three subscription packages include increased experience gain, crafting speeds and, multiple character slots and more. The highest tier subscription will endow you with a powerful buff that will extend to all of your allies, including free-to-play players.

Spiked Chopper Veteran Reward

All players will have access to this special chopper that will allow you to traverse the wasteland in style, as well as fend off any nasties that dare trail you in your adventures.

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