Fallen Earth Receives Massive Content Update

Fallen Earth is a free-to-play, post-apocalyptic MMORPG published by GamersFirst. Reloaded Productions, a development studio owned by GamersFirst, recently announced the introduction of a massive makeover to the Mojave Wasteland. With the release of a major content update, Fallen Earth has made changes throughout the landscape and to the political systems in-game.

MMO Games Fallen Earth Mojave Wasteland Screenshot

Key Features of the Update include: 

  • All new settlements and outposts throughout the world that can be conquered by each of Fallen Earth’s player factions
  • Capturing settlements grants sole property rights to the owning faction, allowing them to extract valuable resources from the territory
  • The faction with the strongest territorial claim gets a passive buff improving core combat skills, Precision, Power, and Death Toll, Experience, Faction, Random AP gain, as well as harvesting and crafting speed by 5-10% 
  • All new level 50+ PvP area: The Foothills, filled with rare and valuable resources
  • Brand new player-crafted technology: Prospectors and Harvesters
a. Prospectors allow players to survey for resource-rich areas
                   b. Harvesters allow players to set up a device to passively extract materials
  • Brand new items and recipes acquired via Death Toll

Probably the most-anticipated feature of this new update is the highly sought after and valuable territory, The Foothills. This area promises an abundance of rare and valuable resources in the recently built settlement in Deadfall. The update also brings a series of tweaks and improvements to the overall user experience.

Visit the Fallen Earth game page to find out more!

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