Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Gamer Gets A Visit By A SWAT Team

A Counter Strike player and streamer was visited by a SWAT team after an anonymous caller reported that he was a shooter holding hostages. The gamer was streaming at the time and knew exactly what was going on: He was being ‘swatted’. This is a new term for a prank, where anonymous gamers call the police and report an active shooter at their adversaries address.

As the SWAT team burst into his room, where they found the player known as ‘Kootra’ playing a game of Counter Strike. He was detained and he had to explain that the whole thing was a hoax and that everything was fine. A relief of course for the SWAT team, however hoaxes like these cost a lot of resources and manpower to accomplish. Schools were shutdown in the vicinity, ambulances and firetrucks were called in, and not to mention the perimeter that was sealed off by the police.

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