Get a WOW Game Card by playing Dragon’s Call

EverDream Studio is

teaming up with many game medias to hold WOW Pre-paid Game Card Free Giveaway events. Now you will have a chance to gain a 60-day free tour in the behemoth of gaming industry

– World of Warcraft, if you participate in these events. To be more specific, all you need to do is simply register and login the free webgame – Dragon’s Call, play for a

while, and then wait for the final lucky draw.

Wait, so how were these two games related? It might come from the rumor that many white collars play Dragon’s Call

during the daytime and play WOW at night. Or probably, it’s not a rumor. Reply in the comment if you’re one of them. But don’t forget to use a fake name, because your boss

might be reading this now!

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