Gloria Victis Improves Combat and Building Systems

Gloria Victis’ latest update greatly improves the combat mechanics and the game’s building systems, and it also introduces AI to NPC enemies! Let’s go over everything that has been changed and/or improved, shall we?

Gloria Victis 2

Important changes have been made in regards to NPCs blocking arrows. Various issues related to that have been fixed, but that’s not all! A precise shield hit detection has been implemented, making it possible to hurt a blocking enemy with a well-aimed shot in the knee. That sounds very Elder Scrolls to me, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. NPCs now have HP regeneration as well, and two new features have been introduced; headshots and reviving unconscious players.

Some changes have been made to the territory control and building systems as well. To make sure the upgrades of flags and fortifications remain in the game’s world despite of server restarts, the statuses will now be saved in the database. There’s also been an overhaul of the Original Faith Order’s Keep. The size of the keep has been doubled and a massive stone donjon and an inner circle of walls has been added too.

Various bugs were fixed as well, which you can read about in the v.0.4.6 changelog!

Source: Press Release

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