Gloria Victis Releases Biggest Update Yet

Yesterday, on Thanksgiving day, Gloria Victis released its biggest update yet, and we’re oh so thankful! Not only did it introduce many long-awaited improvements and features, including the total rework of the inventory, guilds, new locations and new NPC enemies, it also moves the game to Alpha stage!

Gloria Victis 3

A rework of the inventory and guilds system was long overdue, and several issues have been fixed now and the user experience has been improved by a mile. Players are now able to expand their inventory and depot space by equipping additional sacks and bags, and managing their guilds has become easier as well with the introduction of the guild announcements system. Somewhere in the near future, the guild system will also be expanded with the implementation of an in-game coats of arms editor, which allows guild masters to create their own multi-layer emblems. These will be visible on the flags and banners placed in locations captured by the guild and, in the later stages of development, on shields and tabards as well.

The buff system has also been re-designed. Players can now use dozens of meals, beverages and potions to earn helpfull effects. Buffs for conquering and controlling locations have been implemented as well, and they give an additional reward for domination in the war of nations and greatly increase the meaning of the territory control system. The territory control system itself has gotten several improvements as well with the implementation of fortifications repair mechanics and a reworked upgrades window.

Gloria Victis

You can say that the overall user experience has been greatly improved due to all of the aforementioned features. But those aren’t the only things that make the user experience better! A buy-back tab has been implemented in the NPC vendors window, and the entire game interface has been refreshed. New locations and NPC enemies have been added to the world too. Numerous, more minor, improvements and fixes have been made to the game balance, animations, graphics, etc. as well.

Now that the milestone of moving to Alpha has been achieved, more improvements and new features are to come in the near future, such as a points of interest system, the in-game coats of arms editor and much more!


Our Thoughts

So much has changed in Gloria Victis lately, it’s hard to keep up with everything without forgetting what the game was like in its earliest stages. Gloria Victis is surely turning into a great MMO, and we can’t wait to see the final product!


Source: Press Release

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