Guild Wars 2: Rise of the Mordrem Guard

The sylvari have finally returned as loyal servants of the dragon Mordremoth. Well, at least some of them have. As season two of the Living World episodes ended, some sylvari were seen heeding Mordremoth’s call, resulting in them turning against their Pact comrades. All the sylvari in the area had heard the call, but so far only some have succumbed to the dragon’s influence. These sylvari are known as the Mordrem Guard.

The Mordrem Guard

The Mordrem Guard are one of Mordremoth’s most dangerous weapons. This is because they include former Pact officers and Pale Reavers, who are quite skilled at combat and know the Pact’s standard tactics. Unlike other minions of Mordremoth, the Mordrem Guard are smart and their efforts are well coordinated. While their minds aren’t entirely their own, they retain all their previous intelligence and can talk and organize themselves to fulfill the dragon’s wishes. This makes them very hard to track and even harder to defeat.

Mordrem Guard

When a sylvari becomes a Mordrem Guard, they also transform physically. When they turn, their bodies grow in height and girth. They are roughly 20 percent larger than other sylvari and noticeably more muscular. Their outer layer transforms from softer plant material to a hardened, bark-like coating that provides extra protection in battle, and functions as a sort of natural armor.

Mordrem Commanders

The most dangerous Mordrem guard, however, are the commanders. They are specially created to be the jungle dragon’s elite fighters. There are three unique commanders active Maguuma, each with its own individual look, weaponry, and set of terrifying magical attacks. Worst of all for Pact forcer, Mordremoth has an inexhaustible supply of all three Mordrem Guard commanders; when one falls in battle, the jungle dragon simply creates a new one with the same look, same name, and same deadly abilities as the one it replaced.

The Mordrem Guard commander often talk as well, so you might be able to find insight into what their master is up to. They’ll taunt and threaten you often, and occasionally you can eavesdrop on a private conversation that they wouldn’t want you to overhear.

Mordrem Guard Mordremoth

Mordrem Guard are entirely devoted to Mordremoth. They regard the dragon as their destiny and reject their former lives and all the teaching of the pale Tree. Some even express disdain for her presence and the fact that she kept them from this fate for so long. They feel as though all those Wyld hunts in their past were just distractions, pulling their focus away from the main purpose. Mordrem Guard will try to convince their former sylvari brethren to join them. They will capture prisoners and bring them to their master, and they are expert at using Mordremoth’s blighting plants to create Mordrem versions of all creatures. They do not care if the subject is living or dead, as they know how to turn anybody into multiple slaves to add to the dragon’s army.

Encore Sale

Mordrem are invading Central Tyria and there’s a desperate need for help. To keep you stocked for their assault, the Black Lion Trading Company is extending the Anniversary Sale through the weekend. Make sure to check in every day during the Mordrem Invasion Event for new sales.

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