Guild Wars 2 Roller Beetle Racing Kicks Off

Living World content notwithstanding, there hasn’t been a thing that’s brought more smiles to Guild Wars 2 players than the Roller Beetle mount. In celebration of the beloved critter, the Guild Wars 2 Roller Beetle Racing event has started, bringing an activity full of high-speed insects and giveaways.

guild wars 2 roller beetle racing

Roller Beetle Racing’s arrival brings five different racetracks to the world of Tyria. These are permanent fixtures to the game world, so players can continue to burn chitin as often as they want. Running these courses nets you Racing Medallions which can be turned in for cosmetics, transformation tonics, and a Mini Roller Beetle pet. Additionally, there will be roller beetle rentals at each track so everyone can get in on the action.

In celebration of the Roller Beetle Racing league’s launch, daily achievements will be available for players between now and December 25th. There are also weekly contests to win real-life prizes like Razer PC peripherals, an Alienware Aurora R7 PC and monitor, an entertainment system, and a dune buggy adventure in San Diego. Entry into any of these contests also gets you entered into a grand prize drawing for a Volkswagen Beetle wrapped in custom RBR livery.

Naturally, there are some steps and rules associated with these contests, so you’ll want to check here for all the particulars.

Our Thoughts

Wow, an actual bloody car, huh? That’s a pretty hefty prize indeed! Contests or not, we do hope that this Roller Beetle Racing event is a good time for players. Honestly, it’s hard not to glean enjoyment off of the roly-poly little fella rumbling around at high speeds.

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