Hearthstone Talks about Puzzle Labs

The Boomsday Project is already underway in Hearthstone, but that doesn’t mean the experiments are going to stop. In Puzzle Labs, players will have to work through increasingly devious situations laid out by Dr. Boom and his team in the CCG’s unique new PvE mode.

puzzle labs

Puzzle Labs are broken up into four different types, each challenging you to complete a specific objective in one turn:

  • Lethal is pretty cut-and-dry: take out the opposing Hero face in one go.
  • Survival is the same but in reverse, challenging your Hero to survive a strike from the opponent.
  • Board Clear requires you to wipe out everything on the board in one shot, including your own minions.
  • Mirror will ask you to copy your opponent’s minion layout precisely, including placement and even health and defense scores.

As one would expect, each type of puzzle starts off simple enough to teach you the basics and then ramps up from there. According to the video posted by the devs, solutions to these puzzles can be numerous and so you’ll perhaps want to consider thinking outside of the box.

Naturally, muddling through these Puzzle Labs will involve some manner of reward. Once you complete every challenge in the Puzzle Labs, you’ll unlock a unique new card back styled after Boom Labs.

Puzzle Labs will be added to The Boomsday Project next week. Until then, the latest Hearthside Chat video offers some more details.

Our Thoughts

Who would have thought that a competitive CCG would be transformed into some form of puzzle game? Certainly not us! We’re definitely on board with such unique PvE experiences in Hearthstone and want to wish those who take on this new challenge the best of luck.

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