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Hearthstone Launches Goblins vs Gnomes

Blizzard Entertainment has officially launched the highly anticipated expansion for Hearthstone. Goblins vs Gnomes adds over 120 new cards to the game as well as new quality of life features such as a spectate mode. Anyone logging into the game between now and December 19th will receive three free packs of cards from the expansion. Some features are listed below. For more information on the new expansion, please see the official patch notes.

  • 120 new cards
  • spectator mode
  • All new cards added to the arena
  • New minion type “Mech” has been added.
  • An all-new interactive Goblins vs Gnomes-themed game board


From Blizzard:

Goblins vs Gnomes throws a big wrench into the Hearthstone works,” said Mike Morhaime, CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment. “Players are already having a blast coming up with inventive new strategies and deck ideas—we’re looking forward to seeing what happens now that they can put those plans into action.”

Goblins vs Gnomes throws players in the middle of the epic rivalry between Azeroth’s audacious goblin engineers and their equally “adventurous” gnomish counterparts—and these pint-sized tinkerers are ready to stir up trouble. Their incredible inventions and mechanical monstrosities are marvelous to behold . . . but when Hearthstone players deploy them in a duel, the results can be quite unpredictable.


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