Heroes of the Storm Halves Hero League Party Size

Blizzard has decided to slice the party size of players in the Hero League mode of their MOBA title Heroes of the Storm. That means that you will no longer be able to play with all of your friends at the same time.

After player feedback and analyzing metrics, the developer of the game decided to reduce the allowed party size in Hero League to an amount of two players per party.

Heroes Of the Storm

Blizzard explained the following in a blog post: When we look at the data for parties of three and four players in Hero League, we often see large skill gaps among party members. This is fine for players in a party of four, for example, who have agreed to queue together despite any differences in skill that may exist. However, the matchmaker needs to complete the team by pulling in a fifth player who queued up alone, and did not necessarily want to play with teammates of varying skill levels.”

The developer further goes on to explain that this also created situations in which party members discussed strategy with each other, but didn’t end up communicating the game plan to their fifth teammate. On the other end of the spectrum, solo players could possibly disagree with the party’s decisions, or show unwillingness to help the team. This could result in a friction for both sides if communication did not approve.


The new restrictions will arrive to the game with it’s next game update. How the rule affects the Hero League experience will of course be monitored, and further adjustments will be made if necessary.

Source: Battle.net

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