Hero's Song Kickstarter Cancelled

Hero’s Song Kickstarter Cancelled by Smedley’s Company

John Smedley and his team at Pixelmage Games have sent word that the Kickstarter campaign for their first title, Hero’s Song, has been cancelled. Apparently, raising $800,000 was more difficult than the team had anticipated, and they decided to blow it off when they realized they weren’t going to reach their goal in the set time limit.

John Smedley Launches First Kickstarter Campaign

This is what Smedley and the Pixelmage Games team had to say:

“After looking at our funding levels and the reality that we aren’t going to reach our funding goals, we’ve decided that the best thing to do is to end the Kickstarter. We sincerely appreciate all of the support we got from the backers and the Kickstarter community. This was our first Kickstarter and we made mistakes along the way. I want to acknowledge that right up front. We put a lot of time and effort into the Kickstarter, but it’s obvious missing things like physical goods hampered our efforts. It’s also fair to say because we’re early that we didn’t have enough gameplay to show the game off enough to get people over the hump.

So where do we go from here? Well the good news is that our Investors are backing us all the way and we’re going to get Hero’s Song done exactly when we said we would. I’m also happy to say that we’ve been able to do this without having to take money from publishers, something that was of key importance to us so that we could remain in creative control.”

John Smedley Launches First Kickstarter Campaign

They promise to be updating Hero’s Song enthusiasts along the way by holding development streams and being completely transparent about the development process. The website will also be updated on a constant basis, as there’s apparently tons of cool stuff to show. They continue to thank everyone for the support they’ve shown and the constructive criticism given.


Our Thoughts

It’s unfortunate to hear that the Kickstarter campaign for Hero’s Song has been taken down, but the promise of the game still being done exactly when they said it would be gives us some comfort. It’s a sad fact that not every Kickstarter campaign succeeds, but we have no doubt that Hero’s Song will succeed anyway.

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