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Housing a Guild of Gods in Skyforge

The Allods Team and are tackling the issue of guilds and guild halls in Skyforge.

Given that players are playing as immortal warriors who can become Gods, it’s not too fancy to call them something new. Introducing, Pantheons.

Pantheons are guilds. Guilds are pantheons. Such things aren’t always noteworthy except when they take a different view of things. Pantheons in this case have a clever hierarchy at their heart.


Anyone can found a Pantheon with a modest amount of currency. Creating a successful one is a group effort that requires recruitment and investment. As guilds grow in size though, managing them is not always an easy task. The Founder is the Founder but to take things off of his plate, players can be arranged in smaller clans which each have a leader with the same abilities as the Founder, except for the ability to oust him. Delegation it seems is not just a key skill in business.


A Pantheon without a home is just a wandering apocalypse. So enter the guild housing, Strongholds. Strongholds seem to be upgradable guild halls in the same vein as TERAs Skycastles. There are however items and buildings to add to it that will improve your character stats. How it plays out remains to be seen.

For more details on the guild housing and guild system, visit Skyforge.

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