Kingory now offers ‘Cuties’ for your friends through Facebook

From Kingory With Love —œ send an Official Kingory Cutie to your friends
What gift to choose for your friends? Or,

as Valentine Day is only a month away, what gift to send your dear ones together with your love? Well, if you’re into games, then you should definitely check out

Official Kingory Cutie Figures, available now EXCLUSIVELY on Facebook and


Kingory, the newly released FREE RTS Game developed and published by, just announced the launch of its new server —œ Great Sky Halberd a week ago. For those who savor historical background with real-time strategy challenges, new

territory and adventures are right there waiting for you to explore! Kingory’s set up in ancient oriental land with truceless wars and battles. Player plays the role of a

lord, who starts from a small city and becomes a king ruling the world if he has the heart of lion and the wits of a fox.

For your benefits, Kingory

has now added “Cuties for Gifts” tab on

href=”″ target=”_blank”>Official Kingory Facebook Fan Page where you can send these cuties to your friends as a forget-

me-not or hey-buddy-how-are-you-doing-lately gift.

Moreover, Kingory has also joined hands with OtakuZone, this amazing manga/anime/gaming social

networking site. From now on for a limited time, not only can you send and receive Kingory virtual gifts, dress up your avatar for a Kingory cutie look, but also will be

granted an official Kingory gift item for yourself while having a good time.

Exclusive offers, for a limited time only. Don’t miss out this fun


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