Bless Begins Focus Group Testing

Korean MMO Bless Confirms Western Release

After a delayed but highly anticipated beginning of the open beta in Korea, fantasy sandbox MMO Bless confirms Western release. We now know that Bless will surely reach Europe and North America, although it remains to be seen when. Neowiz Games’ business manager stated today that the publishing contracts for these two regions are in the final stages. This great news for European and North American players, in spite of the lack of information about a possible release window. Currently, Bless is undergoing open beta testing in Korea, and planning a launch soon after the end of this phase. It is rumored that Daum Games, the publisher of Black Desert Online, will also be picking up Bless, but this information also remains unconfirmed.

Bless Wallpaper 2


Our Thoughts:

It’s great to see such a promising and beautiful MMO confirmed for Europe and North America! We were genuinely sad that we would not have access to Bless, as it looked quite impressive from what we’ve observed from a distance during the open beta testing. The question now remains how long it will take for Bless to reach us after launching on the Asian market. We are waiting for more details ourselves, and will definitely keep you posted!

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