Landmark Launches Monster Update

Sony Online Entertainment has released the newest update for Landmark. The new patch has been dubbed the “monster patch” and it fits its name in a multitude of ways. Not only does this update see the inclusion of Landmark’s first NPC enemies, the update is absolutely monster in size. Other Major highlights include a much more expanded network of cave layers, tons of additional equipment, graveyards for raising the deceased, and a vast transportation system for endless exploration. For more information on Landmark, please visit the official website.

landmark chomper_selfie

  • Caves and Caverns – 5 layers ripe for underground exploration with mining veins of metal and gems, treasure-filled ruins and buried monuments (many created by Landmark players themselves!), and new / undiscovered monsters.
  • Monsters Above & Below! – Five new types of monsters introduced both above ground and in the shadows below, each with a unique mode of attack and strategies to learn.
  • New Equipment – Combine a wide variety of new lootable / craftable equipment to customize your play style and experiences in combat
  • Collectible Recipes – Search chests and loot from monsters in the caverns below to find the recipes to craft the latest and greatest items!
  • Salvaging – Break down extra equipment items into magical components for new crafting recipes and Ether Shard currency.
  • Transportation – The portal spire on each island expands into a full leyline network, including additional teleport points to further explore above and below ground; transport UI is also being upgraded with more useful info.
  • Graveyards! – If players die on the surface, they return to the hub, but if players die below the first layer, they release to one of the graveyards scattered underground.


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