Legends of Aria Open Beta and Early Access Launch Imminent

Citadel Studios talk about the road to the Legends of Aria Open Beta and Early Access launch in a new blog post, and we don’t have too much longer to wait now.

Legends of Aria Open Beta and Early Access Launch Imminent

In essence, this means that come June, you can play Legends of Aria for free. Citadel will be “very freely” handing out free trial keys throughout the month so that they can work through the issues that need a lot of people in order to find and fix before they launch Early Acess in July. This will be the final wipe, when Kickstarter backers and Founders begin their week-long headstart period, with rewards to follow.

Notably, this Early Access launch does not include Steam or even the big marketing push. It is hoped that will come around Fall time, if all goes to plan, though who knows what will happen over Spring and Summer, especially for an MMO launch, and Citadel are aware that there will be growing pains and say that they are prepared to work hard to make sure that no bug goes unbalanced and no problem unsolved. Basically, this will be the period to really polish Legends of Aria and they need you to make sure they get it right before the big launch.

You can read the full blog post here.

Our Thoughts

I have been following Legends of Aria for several years now and can’t wait to see what shape its living world will take. I’m so used to theme park MMORPGs that this will be a new thing for me and it’s exciting! Here’s hoping the bugs are minimal, the rollbacks unnecessary, and Legends of Aria launches for all sooner rather than later!

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