Heroes of the Storm Li Ming

Li-Ming Joins Heroes of the Storm

The final class from Diablo 3 is finally entering the Nexus. The Wizard Li-Ming will be available in Heroes of the Storm on February 9, but players can test her out on the PTR starting today.

Heroes of the Storm Li Ming

Until today, the basic skill kit for Li-Ming was revealed but her talents were still unknown. However, she was recently made available on the Public Test Realm, which shows off her complete arsenal and release date of February 9. For those curious, here is a complete list of Li-Ming’s abilities and talents in Heroes of the Storm.


  • Magic Missiles. Fire a volley of missiles at a specific point.
  • Arcane Orb. Launch an orb that deals increasing damage the farther it travels.
  • Teleport. Teleport a short distance in any direction.
  • Critical Mass. Takedowns refresh all ability cooldowns.
  • Disintegrate. Long-range channeled beam.
  • Wave of Force. Damages and knocks back enemies.


  • Level 1: Astral Presence increases mana regen while below half mana. Power Hungry increase health globe mana restoration and provide a temporary ability power boost. Force Armor provides damage reduction when Magic Missiles hit enemies. Aether Walker reduces Teleport cooldown when out of combat.
  • Level 4: Charged Blast increases basic attack damage against enemies hit by Magic Missiles. Ess of Johan pulls enemies into the center of Arcane Orb. Triumvirate reduces the cooldown on Arcane Orb when it hits targets at long range. Dominance restore 25% health after takedowns.
  • Level 7: Seeker increases Arcane Missile damage if all hit the same target. Zei’s Vengeance increases Arcane Orb damage at max range but decreases it at short range. Calamity causes teleport to deal damage at destination.
  • Level 10: Disintegrate deals heavy damage over 2.5 seconds. Wave of Force damages and knocks back enemies from an area.
  • Level 13: Cannoneer causes your next basic attack to do ability damage after casting an ability. Glass Cannon increases Ability Power but decreases max health. Illusionist increases teleport range and refreshes cooldown when taking more than 15% max health in damage.
  • Level 16: Fireflies increases Magic Missile projectile speed and decreases cooldown. Mirrorball fires 2 additional Magic Missiles. Arcane Orbit increases Arcane Orb range and max damage by 25%. Diamond Skin grands a 25% max health shield after teleporting.
  • Level 20: Temporal Flux causes Disintegrate to slow by 60%. Repulsion increases cast range and knockback of Wave of Force. Tal Rasha’s Elements increases ability power as long as spells are cast consecutively. Archon: Pure Power turns Li-Ming into a powerful Archon that can only cast disintegrate. Archon has a 10-second cooldown, lasts until deactivated, and doesn’t require the use of mana.

It appears that there are quite a few different builds available to Li-Ming from a mobile, Teleport-heavy specialization to a ranged, Arcane Orb/Magic Missile sniper. Li-Ming is scheduled to be released on February 9 and will be available as part of the Star Princess Bundle.

Our Thoughts:

Mages have been very powerful damage dealers in Heroes of the Storm, but they’ve also been slow and fragile. Li-Ming will play completely different from Jaina or Kael’thas, and we’re really excited to see what she can do in the Nexus.

Source: Blizzard

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