Lineage 2 Now Free-To-Play; Goddess Of Destruction Now Live

Lineage II has just received a complete overhaul with the games largest content update ever, Goddess of Destruction. Players can now enjoy this sensational update, completely free, as Lineage 2 is now a Free to Play Fantasy MMORPG. With the launch of the latest patch, L2 converted to it’s Truly Free business model. Players won’t receive any access restrictions to their free account, in fact the only thing you can buy are items that help speed up your progression. For as little as five dollars, players can buy Exploration Packs in the new L2 Galleriaâ„¢.

MMO Games Lineage 2 Screenshot

If you haven’t played Lineage II before or it’s just been a really long time, NCSoft have put together a new interactive web guide named Path to Awakeningâ„¢. This web guide features in-game advice and offers level specific rewards, and NCSoft is hoping this will ease the learning curve and help players to become immersed in the game. A new server has launched under the name of the Goddess of Destruction herself, Shilen. This is great news as players can experience all the excitement that L2 players experienced in the early days.

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