Lords Online: Hero Exploration Features Review

Lords Online: Hero Exploration Features Review  
Lords Online http://lo.igg.com is IGG’s latest free to play strategy browser game. It encompasses the traditional RPG and SLG elements which allows players to control their heroes to explore and earn experience. This cultivation of heroes enables players to enjoy a fresh RPG experience never before found on other strategy games.
Players can randomly switch from the City Map to the World Map. Once on the World Map, players can independently control their heroes and explore their unique RPG features.
Monsters and Treasure Chests, Wild Collection Spots and players’ cities are all distributed randomly on the World Map. Monsters are respawned randomly and their level and quantity will be shown as stars, such as the 1-star Wolf and the 10-star Goblin King. The huge Goblin King is the most cruel monster in the entire land of Mu, but if defeated he gives up rich rewards. The Wild Collection Spot and the Treasure Chest are also both protected by strong monsters. Within the chest are piles of excellent equipment which, when used correctly, can make players more powerful. The Collection Spot is a special building in the wild. It requires players to send heroes with a collection tool to complete the quest. After the quest has been completed, players heroes will return to their city automatically. Players will receive some extra resources from the Wild Collection Spot, and abundant resource means powerful troops! Only people who have powerful heroes and troops can build powerful kingdoms and attack others or defend themselves from attack.
When heroes meet enemies on the world map they will enter the combat interface.  As a pioneer in visible combat, we’ve design the heroes in LO to be able to select  Thunder, Fire, Water and Earth Magic to attack their enemies. Heroes in LO are the most crucial part of an army, as they are the standard bearer on the font lines providing leadership and guidance to troops. If heroes master certain kinds of magic, it adds more power to the army and strengthens all the soldiers fighting abilities.
Although browser based games have taken knocks for being cheap, pale imitations of true online games, Lords Online strives to be the next generation in browser based gaming. By offering both the high quality graphics and the wide variety of features gamers have come to expect from online games, as well as the convenience of playing in your browser, Lords Online stands alone.
Lord Online will also be releasing a special Team-up Instance soon, so please stay tuned! There’s always something interesting to discover in Lord Online http://lo.igg.com.


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