MapleStory 2 Kicks Off F2P Launch with Limited Time Events

Today’s the day, wannabe Maplers. The MapleStory 2 free to play launch is now, opening up the boxy world of the MMO to everyone and marking the occasion with a variety of limited time in-game events for players to celebrate in.

maplestory 2 free to play launch

From now until October 21st, fans who follow the game on social media and share the recent launch video will be entered into a drawing to win the brow-furrowingly odd Mint Body Pillow mount similar to the one offered during the MMO’s pre-registration campaign. A total of 40 winners will be selected.

Maple World is also getting into the Halloween spirit with various themed events, dungeons and quests. Players who take on the Halloween Messenger can collect Pumpkin Coins to get a variety of rewards, like the Bouncy Pumpky mount, the Little Pumpky Pet and more. These events will start on October 18th and run until November 8th.

There’s also a number of daily login rewards waiting for players who pop into the game between now and November 8th. Freebies include Maple Coins, Cosmetic Vouchers, Elixers and other currencies and consumables.

Details on the many events running in MapleStory 2 during its launch can be found here.

Our Thoughts

The glee being oozed by the world of MapleStory 2 is pretty hard to ignore, so here’s hoping that players entering the game enjoy themselves and the MMO can stand up to however many players rush in starting today.

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