Meaningful Night and Day Cycle is Coming to Crowfall

In the vast majority of MMOs, a night and day cycle basically means that the sky just ends up looking a bit different while you’re playing. According to a recent dev blog post about the incoming Crowfall night and day cycle, however, the time of day is promised to have more impact both on gameplay and on the NPCs that inhabit the game’s campaigns.

crowfall night and day cycle

Thomas Blair and J. Todd Coleman are the authors of this new dev blog, which offered the first look at how night and day will affect the goings-on of Crowfall. As one would expect, daylight and nighttime will have effects on visibility, but the nighttime will also see the spawning of “Hunger” versions of NPCs that beef up their hit points and combat stats. Additionally, Hunger Shards will appear at night, which can consume the more useful materials that can be gathered unless they’re destroyed.

The idea, according to the post, is to bring another layer of life and strategy to the campaigns of Crowfall. “The net effect should also mean more dynamic gameplay sessions – the world will change at a faster pace, get more deadly as the campaign progresses, and players will need to keep an eye on the day/night cycle because the worlds become more dangerous at night,” explains the post.

In addition to this new day and night cycle, systems are in place for seasons to affect the worlds of Crowfall as well. In addition to changing the way the ground and NPCs look, seasons will also feature differences in the length of days and nights, add weather effects that can hamper visibility, and open the path for unique gameplay modifiers like improving harvesting yield during Spring. These same modifiers can also be applied to the day/night cycle, with initial ideas like granting certain in-game races more power or unique buffs depending on the time of day.

Our Thoughts

Right now this is all on-paper, so while this all certainly sounds neat, we’re going to perhaps curb a bit of our enthusiasm and ponder just what sort of impact these systems should really have on Crowfall’s overall PvP beats once the system is in front of players. That said, we do like the general idea of where this is going.

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