Melee is Up for Remastering in Warframe

Although there are plenty of guns to shoot and abilities to wield, there’s something about Warframe melee that can often feel right. Or feel wonky, perhaps. It’s the latter that the devs are focusing on fixing as revealed in their last developer livestream.

warframe melee

First up, blocking will no longer have channeling mechanics or a specific channeled block button, as regular blocking will work like channeled blocking. In doing this, this freed up a new button input to be used for heavy attacks, which are now powered by the combo counter.

On the subject of combos, the dependency of heavy attacks on the combo meter will see light/basic attacks increase in damage along with new ways to build up combos. Stance-related combos are also getting more unification, and the range of melee attacks is getting longer at base but will no longer work through walls. Range melee Mods are also up for a nerfing or more specialization.

The dev update in question wasn’t all about melee, of course. The devs also talked about personal Dojo changes, a new dual-handed katana weapon, and other tidbits. You can take a look at the entire hour-long stream in the embed below.

Our Thoughts

Sounds like there’s a whole lot more on the melee-minded plate than just a few damage number adjustments. All of these changes sound like the already visceral combat of Warframe at melee range will end up being even more fun.

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