Mercy’s Overwatch Summer Games Skin Leaks

Alright, we’re entering that wiggly “don’t spoil things for me or I will roast your face” area, so we’re going to warn you ahead of time that this story will offer spoilery links and details about the Mercy Summer Games skin for Overwatch. If you don’t want to see any more, do not scroll past Spoiler Puppy.

mercy summer games skin

For those who have pressed on; an image shared on Reddit from Overwatch’s Chinese version has evidently provided an advance look at Mercy’s unique skin for the upcoming Summer Games event. The linked picture shows the healer dressed up in garb resembling Nike, the Greek goddess of victory.

Authenticity of the image cannot be confirmed, and some replies in the thread are closely scrutinizing a number of details for hints of a fake, but the theme of the skin certainly ties into the Summer Games motif and the ancient Greek origins of the Olympics themselves.

UPDATE – August 8th, 4:14PM EDT: Looks like it’s indeed confirmed, along with a whole bunch of other awesome Summertime skins. You can check out the video heralding the launch of the event below.

Our Thoughts

We really don’t have that long to wait to see what those new Summer Games skins will be, so this is really just a little appetizer. Either this skin is the real, gorgeous deal, or it’s a very skillfully done Photoshop job. If it’s the former, we want it; if it’s the latter, give that artist a job!

Source: Reddit via Dot Esports

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