MMOG A Tale in the Desert 5 Launches

A Tale in the Desert 5 Launches
Tale 4 closes and Tale 5 begins, with Pharaoh all set to challenge the citizens!
Pittsburgh, PA—œ August 6, 2010 —œ A Tale in the Desert 5 is going live tomorrow, August 7, 2010, at noon Eastern. It was recently revealed that the Tale 4 players elected Sami to ascend as Pharaoh in a server-wide election and, as a result, chose new player-invented technologies over player-designed tests to be programmed into Tale 5.
Included in the player-invented technologies are Foraging, which allows players to hunt herbs in new ways; Aquaculture, which allows cultivation of Papyrus, and the unusually named "Molecular Balance" to aid in crop genetics. The plethora of new technologies will significantly alter important aspects of the game.
In addition to these new technologies, Tale V introduces perhaps the most sophisticated fishing simulation of any MMO, and a mining system based on player, rather than character skill.
"Creating player-skills in an MMO is tricky, because there’s a great difference in real-life skill levels. However, mining is so addictive I find myself "playtesting" it way more than necessary!" says Andrew Tepper, President of eGenesis.
A Tale in the Desert is free for the first 24 connected-hours and $13.95/month thereafter.  Players interested in A Tale in the Desert today can download the client from  Follow to keep on top of all the latest happenings.
About A Tale in the Desert
A Tale in the Desert is a unique massive online game.  It has absolutely no combat and death is rare. Within the game is one of the most complex trade skill systems that have ever been created. This is coupled with tests in various disciplines that challenge players to work together or against each other. There is a discipline to meet almost any interest.  Perhaps most unique is that the game actually has an ending and a new telling starts up with players back at ground zero.

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