MMOHub RuneScape Comic Contest Award Image

It has been a little while

since we wrapped up our amazing RuneScape Comic Contest from last year, where Tyrutu found his winning image being crafted by the artists at Jagex for inclusion in his grand


That artwork he generated, was expertly crafted by the rendering expertise at Jagex, and then nicely framed and packaged up for delivery. The artwork

traveled all the way from the UK to the westernmost side of the United States, where yours truly inspected it and repackaged it for its final delivery (don’t ask why Jagex

didn’t sent it to him directly – it’s a little complicated and doesn’t matter :P)

Finally the product made the last leg of its long journey back across this

United States of ours to the final destination and into the hands of Tyrutu on the Eastern most side of this country.

Tyrutu was nice enough to take a snapshot of

the prize and send it over for us all to bask in its glory.

Please head over to