Mobile FPS Shadowgun Legends Confirms its Release Date

Things have been comparatively quiet from Madfinger Games, but that’s likely due to a lot of hard work, which has lead to the official Shadowgun Legends launch date being announced today by the developers. Oh, and just in case you’re wondering, the announcement came with a trailer that is definitely not quiet.

shadowgun legends launch date

Shadowgun Legends promises an “epic” story campaign where players face off against an alien menace known as the Torment, multiplayer in both co-op and PvP flavors, a central social hub for players to interact in, and lots of loot to collect. The team is also already promising “massive player-driven updates” in the near future.

The mobile FPS will be making its way to your cellphone this coming Thursday, March 22nd. Players can choose to pre-register either through Google Play or a special website, where the number of pre-registered players will unlock extra in-game rewards such as a unique cosmetic and a special emote. You can also check out the aforementioned not-quiet trailer below.

Our Thoughts

Shadowgun Legends definitely looks like the closest thing to “proper” FPS gaming that the mobile games market will ever get, so we’re definitely ready to see this one make its full debut. Here’s hoping controlling a space marine guy on a touch screen doesn’t feel as ponderous as it sounds.

Source: press release

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