Blade & Soul Name Claim Controversy

NCSoft Responds to Blade & Soul Name Claim Controversy

It’s safe to say that Blade & Soul Founder Pack owners weren’t all too happy when they heard that GMs and CMs were able to lay claim on some of the most wanted names around. For those unaware, one of the perks of the Disciple and Master packs was the ability to reserve a name of your choosing, but with the news of GMs and CMs having the ability to reserve up to 7 names before players can even attempt to, an angry community response followed. NCSoft Brand Manager, Julianne Harty, took the time to respond in the most decent way imaginable.

Blade & Soul Name Claim Controversy

The response is quite long, so let us narrow it down for you. Even before the game was announced, several mascots representing each class were present, each with a name. These mascots will be in the game and used for various purposes such as creating video content, so “clean” names were required that would be easily recognizable and identified as a special character of sorts. She also states that popular names being taken should have been expected.

However, in regards to CMs having multiple names, she said the following: “A GM character cannot switch servers currently, so GM characters are dedicated to 1 server. In normal circumstances, GMs and CMs just use the same name across all servers, but we don’t have that luxury. Those who are expected to have a GM-type role in the game was given the ability to reserve up to 7 names to be used as GM names. The general rule of thumb for GM names is to have either a personal moniker or a name that is easily recognizable and identifiable as someone special.”

The reason for GMs having the first-go at claiming names was so that shady people couldn’t sell the more popular names. This is clearly more unfair to players than losing out on the lottery for the name they want. It is possible that these popular names will be released later on in a more fair manner that prevents the act of account/name selling. Julianne continues to assure players that they never meant to screw people out of their money and that the name-picking was done in an effort to keep an eye out for all the potential pitfalls that can, and have, arisen.

Blade & Soul Name Claim Controversy

For the full response, and the rest of the discussion, make sure you head over to Blade & Soul Dojo.


Our Thoughts

While we understand the community’s angry response, what NCSoft is saying does make sense. It’s best that popular names get used by GMs than to have them go on sale for hundreds of bucks once the game goes live. Let’s hope some of the names do indeed get released in the future.

Source: Blade & Soul Dojo

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