Neverwinter Announces PvP Changes and Expands to Brazil

MMO players in Brazil have reason to rejoice this week as Neverwinter officially launched in Portuguese. Brazilian players will be able to purchase ZEN with BoaCompra thanks to a deal between the company and perfect world.

Meanwhile more news has come out about the upcoming changes to PvP. A new matchmaking system will be introduced which is skill-based. The new queue will try to match players with others of comparable skill levels, as a result some people may find queue times get longers.

Neverwinter Matchmaking

And finally there will be a penalty for leaving PvP early. Penalties include the inability to queue for ANY queueable content. This includes dungeons, Gauntlgrym, and of course Domination matches. If you are a team leader and someone on your team is under penalty you will be given an alert saying that someone is penalized and unable to queue until they leave.

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