New City Of Heroes Content Now Live

City of Heroes has transitioned successfully to a Free to Play MMORPG under the name City of Heroes: Freedom. Even though the game is free, developer NCSoft will not rest and have promised to bring more content and more options. The developer is staying true to this promise and has just released their latest content update, featuring a new signature storyline arch, a new power set and much more. Gamers can take advantage of this content completely free, no commitment to the game whatsoever. The latest signature storyline asks us "Who Will Die?" as it takes players on a journey towards the most shocking finale to a story arc ever.

The Titan Weapons Power Set gives players the ability to weild massive weapons that bestow the character with absolutely devastating power. VIP players who are feeling adventurous can tackle two new Incarnate Trials, Total Praetoria Network and Minds of Mayhem. TPN has players broadcast a message and expose Emperor Cole to win the trust of the Praetorians while MoM pits heroes against Mother Mayhem who is controlling people’s minds! The story arch is available for purchase on the Paragon Market or free for VIP players.

MMO Games City of Heroes Screenshot

To find out more visit the official City of Heroes site today!

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