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Huge New Expansion Announced For Aion – Upheaval

Aion has been knocking around for a fair few years now but has been doing pretty well for itself since the transition to free to play and this week teased their next expansion on the website’s splash page. Now Upheaval has been officially announced!

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It sounds likely from the press release that Aion may be going down a similar route to World of Warcraft’s Cataclysm expansion as they state that as the Dragon Lord Beritra rampages across Atreia searching for powerful ancient seals which will threaten the lives of all living beings in Atreia, and his armies advance onwards, “the landscape will be forever changed!” This would allow NCSoft to give Aion a whole new lease of life as they could overhaul older zones and modernize the game experience a fair bit. So that will be interesting to keep an eye on going forwards.

The only other information we currently have is that Upheaval will introduce new zones, new questlines, and new gear. Additionally, players will need to be improving their characters and playstyles which indicates a new level cap. There will be further details on Aion’s Upheaval expansion in the coming days and weeks, though even this little teaser of information is pretty interesting.


Source: Aion official website

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