Nexon Becomes Next TERA Publisher

Apparently, the publisher for TERA in South Korea, Hangame, is planning to shut down all non-mobile games within the next year. Things are starting to look up for TERA, however, as the game is being picked up by Nexon.

On Tuesday, it was announced by Bluehole Studio that publishing rights for TERA in South Korea are going to be granted to Nexon. The scheduled date for the transfer is January 26, and there is an extended downtime planned while data is transferred.

Additionally, it looks like Nexon is going to be adding a few new touches to the game. A teaser image has been created that displays a “new Elin,” but there’s no indication as to whether this is an NPC, model rework, or new class. Furthermore, Korean players will receive a welcome gift in the form of Crazy Kart costumes and mounts. Although Crazy Kart is one of Nexon’s more popular games, this is definitely an odd crossover.


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Our Thoughts:

Although TERA’s popularity has been waning during the last few years, this seems to be more of an issue with Hangame as opposed to any of the titles it publishes. Obviously, Nexon still feels like there’s enough life left in the game to make some kind of money out of the deal.

Source: MMO Culture

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