Mabinogi Duel

NEXON Brings Mabinogi Duel to the West

The world of tactical card games seems to have plenty of options but more choice is never a problem. Despite all the upsets and complications going on with NCSoft back in Korea, Nexon is pushing ahead with business and bringing Mabinogi Duel to the US, Europe and more; with full localization in German, Spanish and Russian.


Where there are announcements there are of course trailers:

What is Mabinogi Duel? It’s based off of Nexons fantasy cel-shaded MMO called, unsurprisingly, Mabinogi. Branching off into the mobile market could prove both profitable for Nexon and a clever way to bring people to the MMO. After all, going mobile means no messing with actual cards or needing to find a good surface to play on. Rules are available on the site now for people who want to brush up on the particular twists that may or may not exist with Mabinogi Duel.

mabinogi-duel 2

With Hearthstone still waiting to come to mobile devices, Nexon looks to be striking first. What this means for the mobile TCG market is anyones guess.

The Android closed beta begins next week, running from March 24th to April 1st and people can sign up for the beta on the official site.


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