Call of Alliance

NGames Reveals Fantasy MMORPG Call of Alliance

NGames has revealed their latest game: Call of Alliance, a real-time fantasy action MMORPG played in your browser! The ultimate battle between good and evil spills onto earth, and players are called upon to save the world from total destruction. Enter a stunning world with varied wildlife, hand painted scenery, ancient forests, icy tundras, lava volcanoes and more!

There are many heroes to choose from, as they come in many different shapes and sizes. The different races are: Harpit, Mia, Human, Elf, Dwarf, Treant or Orc. Players are given the freedom to craft their own legend as they please. Skills can be freely combined, equipment can be collected and enhanced in various ways, countless mounts can be tamed and customized for your leisure. All of which can be done with your best friends!

The upcoming free to play game will be released with a ton of different gameplay modes, including 20 meticulously designed instances, regular daily events and a a wide assortment of breathtaking multiparty PvP modes.

Furthermore, players are accompanied by their very own Goddesses, which can be customized and optimized and trained to fend off enemies.

Publisher NGames will release more information on Call of Alliance in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

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