The Ninja Sneaks to TERA Console September 18

You either love the fact that they’re dodgy and wooshy or hate the fact that they’re Elin specific, but either way the TERA Ninja class is making its way to the console version of the action MMO on September 18th, bringing all of its guile and evasiveness while also wielding an impossibly huge shuriken somehow.

tera ninja class

Using hit-and-run tactics, evasive skills and the ability to channel her Chi into fiery blasts, the Ninja relies on the ability to avoid damage and juggle targets to cleave single or multiple targets. The Ninja does wear cloth armor, though, so quick reaction and deft avoidance will be key in playing the class effectively in PvE and PvP.

The Ninja’s arrival continues to tick boxes on TERA’s console update roadmap, which will also see new guild features arriving to the console MMO this month. The announcement did not specify if the Ninja update will also carry these features as well, however.

For now, players can read up on the Ninja on TERA’s website as well as see the class in action in the video showcase below.

Our Thoughts

Let’s all try to ignore the race lock of the class for a moment and just appreciate the fact that the Ninja class definitely seems to be one of the best uses of TERA’s form of action combat. We suspect all of the combos this class can pull off will feel leagues better on a console game pad than it does on keyboard and mouse.

Source: press release

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