No Man’s Sky Fears “genitals”

No Man’s Sky gives players the power to do anything they want. But with great power comes great responsibility, and developers fear players will abuse their power to name things after genitals.

Genitals in No Man’s Sky

No Man's Sky

No Man’s Sky is the ultimate space exploration simulator. Players travel the cosmos to find and catalog new life. The more players discover, the more they are allowed to name–which might pose a long-term problem. When given the freedom to name in-game areas and items, gamers have historically clung to their Freudian inhibitions and named them after genitals. In an interview with Playstation Magazine, No Man’s Sky founder Sean Murray discusses the “genital” problem. He says:

“The first person to the planet will probably be the person who discovers it. If they do, they can go to a beacon and then you can upload that information. You upload that you found it and you get to name it as well. Then once you upload it, if another player comes here and they’re online they’ll see the name. Probably some terribly crude name.”

Naming Filter


Murray states that No Man’s Sky will feature a naming filter, but he knows clever gamers will find a way around it.

“There will be a filter. But the human race is very ingenious, they find a way,” he says. “They always find the way to write the name of genitals for a planet. That will be the name people will see and that’s not just for planets. The same goes for creatures, discoveries like types of ship, type of weapons. All of them are procedural, all of them have their own names.”

Source: gamesradar

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