Nostalrius Backpedals on Code Transfer to Elysium

So, you know that whole Nostalrius classic server code transfer to Elysium? The one that was intended to pressure Blizzard in to opening a Legacy server? It would appear that the plan has backfired according to a post on the Nostalrius forums, as one of the project founders states that “the main objective was missed.”


“The following values have always been at the heart of any of our actions: Achieving official Blizzard Legacy servers; Helping as much as we can to unify the WoW community together,” reads the post. Unifying appears to have not been the net result, as merely 10% of the original Nostalrius players have opted in to Elysium, and those supportive of the project have been ostracized by the official WoW community as pirates.

In response, Nostalrius is asking that Elysium stop using the code they were provided and join in with Vanilla server supporters in pushing for a Legacy server through official means. To that end, Nostalrius has halted account transfer processes on their side.

“The original versions of WoW deserve preservation and there should be an opportunity for veterans and newcomers alike to experience the game in it’s original forms,” states the post. “Nostalrius community is no longer about private servers, it is about official legacy realms.”

Our Thoughts

This all reads a bit like a scene from Pirates of the Caribbean, where the pirates try to pirate the pirates. No matter how it was dressed up, Elysium didn’t seem like an idea that was long for this world; we just weren’t expecting it to be facing closure in this manner.

Your Thoughts

Do you support Nostalrius and its press for a Vanilla server? Do you think Elysium and what Nostalrius did amounts to piracy? Tell us in the comments below.

Source: Nostalrius forums

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