Overwatch League Breaks Down its 2019 Season Structure

The premier Overwatch esports event is looming on the horizon and things are lining up. A recent post has offered firm details on the Overwatch League 2019 season structure works, including format and changes to the stage finals and post-season.

overwatch league 2019 season

2019’s season will play out over 28 matches across four five-week stages for a total of seven matches per stage. In order to mitigate player fatigue, a flexible schedule will see teams playing no more than two matches a week and possibly playing no matches a week.

Each stage final at the end of stages 1-3 will have the top eight teams face off in a new bracketed tournament format. The all-star break is also shifting its schedule to land in-between stages 2 and 3.

Finally, the post-season will change with a new playoffs play-in at the end of stage 4. Like before, the champions of each of the league’s two divisions and the top four teams in the standings will automatically make it to the playoffs, but the final two spots will be determined with a special “win or go home” tournament for those teams that land in seventh through twelfth place.

Our Thoughts

That…is a whole lot of gaming, which means that the flexible schedule being touted in these plans will be more important than ever considering the amount of bracketed playoffs being played over the course of 2019. Then again, it is a much bigger league this time around. In any case, we’re looking forward to more details.

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