Overwatch League Creates an Award Dedicated to InternetHulk

The esports world was stunned by the news of Dennis “INTERNETHULK” Hawelka’s death earlier this month. Blizzard has now taken it upon itself to commemorate him and his impact on esports with an Overwatch League award named in his honor.

overwatch league award

The Dennis Hawelka Award will be handed out to an individual player at the end of each Overwatch League season. According to the announcement, the player will be selected based on their positive contribution to the community.

“To the esports world, Dennis was more than just an accomplished player and coach – he was a friend, a confidant, someone people looked towards for guidance and support,” reads the announcement. “He reached out to those around him, drew them in and built them up. His intelligence, generosity and friendship will never be forgotten.”

Hawelka was a founder of IDDQD, which was later absorbed by Team EnVyUs. As part of the team, Hawelka earned some of his most memorable wins for most of 2016, including APEX Season 1 and MLG Vegas 2016. Afterwards, he took up a coaching role, first with Rogue and then with Team Liquid. After Team Liquid disbanded its Overwatch roster, Hawelka was brought on to lead the organization’s League of Legends LCS squad.

Our Thoughts

This is an honestly lovely gesture from Blizzard and the Overwatch League. It’s very clear that Hawelka had left a very real impression on a great many people and we can come up with no better way to honor that impact by creating an award that celebrates helping the Overwatch community. We join Blizzard in sending condolences to Hawelka’s family and loved ones and hope that this award will be worthy of his legacy.

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