Ravenloft Arrives to Neverwinter Console Players

As I write this from where I’m located, it feels about 90°F, so a little bit of spooky season reminder from Neverwinter that the cooler months are coming is a welcome reprieve. I’m referring to the gothic horror stylings of the Ravenloft console launch, which brings the decidedly Halloween-y location of Barovia and all of its horror-themed threats to Xbox One and PS4 players of the MMO today.

ravenloft console launch

The 14th module for the Dungeons & Dragons MMO takes players to the adventure zone of Barovia, domain of Count Strahd von Zarovich and all of the goodies that PC players have enjoyed in the update. That means a new endgame dungeon in Castle Ravenloft itself; new Monster Hunts and a new heroic encounter, Tarokka Cards that can either be turned in for rewards or used to modify Monster Hunt difficulty; and a meaningful day/night cycle.

The update is also offering a few quality-of-life adjustments to Neverwinter such as changes to Astral Diamond refinement, Refinement Point event bonuses, and changes to level scaling. A rundown of all of the new features and changes can be found on the patch notes page.

Our Thoughts

Seriously though, folks, it’s freaking hot over here. So thanks to Neverwinter for the reminder that autumn will be here before we know it. Also, thanks for releasing a spoopy playground full of gothic horror-themed foes to take on for the console version of Neverwinter. We’re looking forward to beating up on the creatures of the night.

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