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It seems that this week was all about Star Citizen. There never seems to be a dull moment surrounding the ambitious, multi-million dollar space MMORPG project. Last week, however, was a little special as The Escapist fired shots at Cloud Imperium’s business practices by using statements from alleged former employees. Needless to say, Cloud Imperium wasn’t exactly happy about all this and replied with a letter demanding an apology and is investigating the legitimacy of the article. In addition to the negative drama, CitizenCon 2015 took place this weekend and the voice actors for Squadron 42 have been announced.


When Cloud Imperium founder Chris Roberts said that Squadron 42 was going to have an impressive cast of voice actors, it would appear that he wasn’t joking. The full cast was finally revealed last night and it includes quite a few big actors including Mark Hamill, Gary Oldman, and Gillian Anderson. So far, only Gary Oldman’s role has been revealed as Admiral Bishop, along with an impressive screen shot, but it’s likely that we can expect more reveals in the upcoming weeks.

Star Citizen Squadron 42 Oldman

Gary Oldman is looking pretty good as Admiral Bishop in Squadron 42.

It’s definitely not uncommon anymore for popular actors to lend their voices to video games, especially ones with huge followings. This also isn’t the first time either Mark Hamill or Gary Oldman have starred in a video game. Hamill was in Batman: Arkham City and Wing Commander, which might have something to do with why Roberts picked him this time, and Oldman voiced Ignitus in Spyro and had roles in various Call of Duty games.

Despite all the recent controversy, being able to get a few top name actors on board shows that at least some of the Star Citizen money is being put to good use.


When it comes to Dota 2 nothing quite tops The International. The previously once in a year events brought the biggest prize pools in eSports history and managed to dramatically increase fan interaction by selling the Compendium, which provided ways to create fantasy teams and predict tournament outcomes. Now that Dota 2 has been split into Major events for each season, it’s likely that we’ll now see more than one Compendium sale per year.

Dota 2 Compendium

The recent Dota 2 Compendium sales seem to be all about the money.

Well, it would seem that the Fall Season 2015 Compendium is now on sale through November 24, 2015. Normally, I believe that crowfunding is a great idea to help raise money for eSports, but every year things seem to get a little worse. There used to be one option for the Compendium and players could level it up by playing games and completely achievements. Now, however, there are two different Compendiums with different perks. Furthermore, players can spend real money to buy Compendium levels. Having already not been a fan of microtransactions and DLC, this might be going a bit far to try and make a bit of cash. Remember, only 25% of the sales go into the prize pool, which means Valve is making a killing off Compendium purchases.

Compendium Option 1:

  • Access to Compendium Challenges
  • Coin Wagers
  • Level and Coin Rewards

Compendium Option 2:

  • Tribute of the Piercing Beak Treasure
  • Coin Charm
  • Emoticon Exclusive Courier
  • 2x Challenge Coin rate
  • Town Portal Scroll effect
  • 25 Compendium Levels

In addition to purchasing a better Compendium, levels can be purchased at a rate of $2.59 for 5, $4.99 for 11, or $9.99 for 24. For players who still want to work for their levels, every 100 points earned throughout the season will grant 1 level.

A new feature is also coming to the Compendium this year. Players can complete a number of challenges and earn coins. These coins can then be wagered on match outcomes and the winners will receive a percentage of the coin pot. Coins can be redeemed inside the Compendium for exclusive items, sets and treasures. However, these items must be redeemed by January 15, 2016, in order to prevent players from stockpiling them from season to season.

Thankfully, there’s still no pay-to-win scenario going on in the world of Dota 2. All of the rewards from the Compendium are completely cosmetic or provide small non-statistical based perks. One example is the option to provide ambient lighting effects to weapons .These are provided by the Tribute Upgrade Infuser, which can be found in every fifth Tribute opened. Additionally, there are artifacts that provide new ability effects such as the Whisky the Stout artifact, which provides a new effect for Tusk’s Ice Shards ability.

If you think that Compendium pricing is getting a little out of hand, be sure to let us know in the comments.


The latest Ruins of the Gods update for Cabal 2 features a new zone, Gray Canyon, and dungeons for players level 40 or above. In addition to three new dungeons, the player level cap has been raised to level 45 giving players the chance to become even stronger. According to Ajmal Popal, assistant product manager for ESTsoft, raising the level cap is something players have been really stressing.

Cabal 2

Cabal 2 players get what they want in the form of dungeons and a higher level cap.

“We know how important our players are and what they mean for the CABAL 2 experience,” said Popal. “We have listened to player feedback and have created our most extensive content update to date, including raising the level cap.”

The new Gray Canyon zone promises to bring a distinctly new gaming experience to players as they check out the new expansion. New levels wouldn’t be complete without new gear and the best can be found in the newest dungeons: Silent Snowfield (a level 43 dungeon), Ancient Academy (level 45), and Tomb of Kain (completion of the other two dungeons required for entry).

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