Red Dead Online Update Adds Up In Smoke Showdown Mode

Okay, Red Dead Online fans. Things are about to pick up in your world, even if that means everything going…up in smoke.

Rockstar Games revealed new details today about the latest update to the online component for Red Dead Redemption 2. Things will get interesting with the introduction of Up In Smoke, the latest Showdown Mode coming to the game starting today. (No, it’s not based on Cheech and Chong.)

The company stated in the press release, “Destroy the enemy camp at all costs in Up In Smoke, the latest Showdown Mode added to the Red Dead Online Beta today. All players start out with an explosive package and each successful delivery to the opposing team’s base will detonate a piece of their camp. Deliver all of your packages and raze the competition’s base to the ground to claim victory.”

In addition to that, Rockstar is also offering a 30 percent XP boost for all Ability Cards, which should make matches a bit more interesting.

“Ability Cards come in Dead Eye and Passive variants – Dead Eye Ability Cards grant special advantages while Dead Eye is active while Passive Ability Cards have unique Combat, Recovery or Defensive advantages – and each card has three available tiers. Rack up extra XP this week to reach the next tier faster, then upgrade the card to get an improved version of that ability. Ability Cards like To Fight Another Day, Strange Medicine and Slippery Bastard can all come in handy in Up in Smoke, equip them in your loadout while you’re fighting your way to deliver an explosive package behind enemy lines.” You can see the full breakdown on Ability Cards here on the Rockstar page.

Last but not least, if you’re looking to do a bit of shopping, head over to the Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Catalogue and take a look at the new Winter Shotgun Coat that’s in stock. On top of that, you can also get the Benbow Jacket, as well as the Darned Stockings (but are they really that darned, tho?) and the Manteca Hat.

The update is live now, and Rockstar has promised even more to come in the weeks ahead. You can check out Red Dead Redemption 2now for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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